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moony adj
1 lighted by moonlight; "the moonlit landscape" [syn: moonlit] [ant: moonless]
2 dreamy in mood or nature; "a woolgathering moment" [syn: dreamy, woolgathering] [also: mooniest, moonier]

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  1. Resembling the moon.
  2. Moonlit.
  3. Absent-minded.


  1. The act of mooning.
    She was doing a moony.

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Moony (real name Monica Bragato) is a musician from Italy known for the many dance tracks coming from her debut album Lifestories. Among the notable singles from the album are "Dove (I'll Be Loving You)", "Acrobats", and "Flying Away".
Raised in Venice, Moony was first noticed singing in the Venetian club scene and was tapped to do vocals for a number of songs by DJ and producer Cristiano Spiller. Her first hit song was "Point of View" as part of the group DB Boulevard. That song became popular across the European dance music scene and earned DB Boulevard the distinction of being the first Italian music group to be nominated in the MTV Europe Music Awards. From there on, she launched her solo music career by producing her debut album Lifestories, which was released in 2003.
In June 2006, Moony released a new single titled "For Your Love".




From Lifestories:
  • "Dove (I'll be loving you)" (2002) #9 UK
  • "Acrobats (Looking for balance)" (2003) #62 UK
  • "This Is Your Life" (Andrea T Mendoza Remix) (2003)
She was born in Italy but grew up in USA as her father got a job there at that time.

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